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Chrome/Mime dude

The last of the posts in this series. That’s right. The torture is over.

Just bizare.

chrome mime dude 1

chrome mime dude 2


March 16, 2007 Posted by | pics | 1 Comment

New age carriages

I promise, the torture is almost over. This is the fourth entry in this week’s special.

Cool carriages for hauling sightseers around.

Can you imagine if a Chinese dude was the one doing the hauling? They do that running in their country! On a bike it would be no contest!

Cool carrige

March 15, 2007 Posted by | pics | 1 Comment


Third entry in a the special week long series “Pics from Time Square”. Enjoy.

New way for all of us to pedal along I guess. Can you imagine people car pooling (or bike pooling I assume) to work on of of these?

Ivan, I dare you to come up with a video game for this one. And don’t even say paperboy!

cool bike

cool bike 2

March 14, 2007 Posted by | pics | 2 Comments